Whatever happened to

By Riley Sakurada Posted May 9, 2018

Okay, so we all know this year has been anything but easy as a senior. There has been a lot of stress and worry about graduation, but there is one day when you can let all that stress go and take it out with a prank. Well, at least that’s the way it used to be.

A senior prank used to be a harmless prank and a fun going away prank for the graduating class has turned into vandalizing the school. There are plenty of pranks kids have pulled that very well verge on destructive, such as the class of 2017. The definition of a senior prank is A senior prank is a type of organized prank pulled by the senior class of a school, to cause chaos throughout the institution without vandalizing or causing permanent harm to the school. The pranks are usually carried out at the end of the senior school year as a going away mark on the school, and in some cases have become something of a tradition.

The class of 2017 did not use that definition as a guideline for their prank. They went on to the school campus after hours. It was all fun and games until they pulled out glue and put it in the locks and duct-taped doors. As a result, many seniors involved were suspended.

If you get the urge to do these kinds of senior pranks, let your parents know you may not walk at graduation or worse. You don’t want to destroy your college plans over a senior prank. Whatever happened to harmless senior pranks? The senior prank used to be a friendly tradition that did not harm the school or anybody in the school. Let’s get rid of the vandalism and bring back the practical jokes that have no permanent damage on the campus. There are many different pranks that the class of 2018 can do. For example, our class could also bring our pets to school for our senior prank. That is harmless and surely the principal won’t mind having a few furry friends at the school for a day.

Some seniors from Wyoming decided to fill the gymnasium with party balloons before their end-of-the-year assembly. Senior year is anything but a breeze why not leave on cloud 9?

Stay classy, 2018.