Whatever happened to Shopkins

Whatever happened to Shopkins

By Yizel Martinez

Let’s go back to our childhoods. You get home from school and find yourself playing with your huge collection of tiny collectible toys, Shopkins. Fast forward a few years, and you find yourself playing “Real Littles”.

Over the years, Shopkins have launched new Shopkins, whether they are common, rare, ultra rare, exclusive, or limited edition, they have all had something special. Shopkins even went far enough to launch dolls, “Shoppies”. 

But one question, what happened to Shopkins? 

When Shopkins were first launched, they were one of the world’s best-selling toys. Today, there is no such thing as Shopkins, as they were renamed Real Littles in 2019. 

Shopkins came a long way and were part of most childhoods, but today the only way to get a hold of Shopkins is by buying Real Littles, which is not the same for some. 

The range of tiny collectibles was popular, especially since there were many to collect with many different themes. The most popular Shopkins were the grocery items. 

The creators of the miniature figures even went far enough to launch games such as board games and even mobile games.

Shopkins have transformed from being popular, collectible toys, to almost not being mentioned at all. The Shopkins collectibles are in the past now but the real questions are, will they ever be coming back? Or will they be gone forever?

Whatever happened to Shopkins?