When it comes to the holidays, Lowry is ready to give back to the community

When it comes to the holidays, Lowry is ready to give back to the community

By Alexa Toscano Posted December 16, 2022

The junior class is in charge of the donation tree which gives back to the community during the holidays. They partner up with the cops, fire department and other businesses. If you have ever gone to Walmart in Winnemucca, you might have seen them outside the store asking for donations.

Mrs. Laura Mercado, and Mrs. Cherese Fifield. sponsor each child in order for them to get their dream gifts. They start collecting and organizing the event at the beginning of October. Once they have gathered enough gifts for the children, they organize each item in its according station at the fairgrounds.

They have the week of December 5-9 in order to pick out the perfect gift for each child and wrap them.
Every year during the holidays the community bike club and police department come together and organize bins outside of Walmart to put in. Both adults and kids came together in order to give back.

“I chose to volunteer with Project Santa because I wanted to do my part and help less fortunate families experience a great Christmas,” said Ruben Garcia. “My favorite part was just knowing how excited the kids would be to receive these gifts.”

Garcia enjoyed knowing that he had done his part in order to ensure children had an unforgettable Christmas.

Others volunteered for the same reasons.

“I chose to volunteer because I wanted to give back to my community and help in any way I could,” said Leticia Aguilar. “A lot of people are afraid to volunteer because they are nervous about the experience.”

“I did enjoy volunteering, it was a good experience, everybody was so nice and helpful,” said Aguilar. “It was a great organization to work with and be a part of.”

The organization has come to an end each and every child will get to open their dream gift on Christmas morning.