Why Advisory?

By Camille Lyon Posted October 22, 2008

As advisory started last year, many students had mixed feelings about this supposedly helpful class. We all saw the posters blatantly stating that each student would be cared for by at least one Lowry teacher. But did anyone ask the students what they wanted?

Advisory started out shaky for me. Besides its use as a study hall, I didn’t find it at all helpful, nor I do not feel as if I am being “cared for”. I know my advisor tries to make the class worthwhile, but advisory is not where I’d choose to spend so much of my time.

So where did the idea for advisory originate? Vice Principal Doc Welter was able to shed light on Advisory’s beginnings. Last year a questionnaire was given to the staff to see what they felt was needed to improve the school. Many staff members felt they needed to connect with the students non-academically.

Many other schools have an advisory class within their establishments. Lowry’s administration decided to bring this idea to our school. The school Mr. Welter previously worked for had a successful advisory program. With the changing of the bell schedule, advisory seemed to fit.

Anytime we change the schedule for an event, Advisory is always what is sacrificed. If Advisory is supposed to be fundamental, why is it always being used for our activities? I have no problem with skipping advisory to attend a pep assembly, but it still raises the question, is advisory necessary? I suppose I still have some hope for advisory. This program is only a year old and maybe there will be more improvements to it throughout its many years.

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