Wyatt’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: Wolfmother

By Wyatt Lester Posted December 12, 2012

My pick for this issue is Wolfmother. An Australian band that started out with three members in 2000 and a sound that seems to be 30 years late for modern rock. The band’s lead man (guitar and vocals) Andrew Stockdale led this group into their first EP back in 2004, least to say it was a very successful debut in today’s rock and roll scene.

The original band members included Andrew Stockdale (guitar and vocals), Chris Ross (bass and vocals), and Myles Heskett (drums). They produced the band’s first album in 2005 titled “Wolfmother”. It has hit songs on it such as “Woman”, “Joker and the Thief”, and “Mind’s Eye”. “Wolfmother” won a Grammy award for best hard rock performance and many other different awards for the album.

After a few years of touring and some stress concerning musical differences the band split up but Stockdale carried on the name to rebuild this colossal name in rock. He added members in 2008 to tour with and produced their second studio album in 2009 “Cosmic Egg” which had the same sound as before and felt close to home for many Wolfmother fans.

They have a sound similar to Mars Volta, The White Stripes, and many bands from the seventies as influences. Many even compare their sound to rock and roll legend Led Zeppelin. They may have been criticized for being 30 years late in the genre of rock but the majority love it.

There have been many other band members in and out of the group but Stockdale has held it together keeping the rock alive in this modern age.