20 Questions with Lizzie Sims

20 Questions with Lizzie Sims

Dani Ricker Posted October 9, 2013

Q: Name?
A: Lizzie Sims.

Q: Grade?
A: 11th.

Q: Favorite season?
A: Fall.

Q: Hot chocolate or cider?
A: Hot chocolate.

Q: Scarves or hats?
A: Both.

Q: Are you ready for Halloween?
A: Yes!

Q: Are you going trick-or-treating?
A: No.

Q: What’s your favorite outdoor activity?
A: Hiking with friends!

Q: Favorite sport to watch?
A: Football

Q: Favorite sport to participate in?
A: Badminton.

Q: Favorite type of shoes?
A: Boots.

Q: Favorite music group?
A: Mayday Parade.

Q: Favorite teacher?
A: Anderson!

Q: Favorite color?
A: Teal.

Q: Mcdonald’s or Burger King?
A: Neither!

Q: Yay or Nay on snow?
A: Nay!!

Q: What about rain?
A: Yay!

Q: Best friend(s)?
A: Jessie and Dani.

Q: Are you excited for Homecoming?
A: Yes!!

Q: Should guys be allowed to wear bro tanks?
A: No!