Kelly Zhelayev selected Science Student of the Week

Kelly Zhelayev selected Science Student of the Week

By Diego Esquivel Posted: October 16, 2020

Mr. Scott Santos chose Kelly Zhelayev as the Student of the Week on behalf of the Science Department. According to Santos, Zhelayev is very active in class.

“I guess my ultimate goal in my high school career is to get accepted into Stanford so that’s what’s been keeping me going since like middle school and it’s gonna keep me motivated,” said Zhelayev.

“Kelly is always actively engaged in class and is always willing to contribute in class discussions,” said Santos.

Zhelayev is always motivated, which leads her to be very active and always contributing in class.

Despite the change to a hybrid schedule Zhelayev was able to adapt to the new norm. 

“It’s been a little tough with things like keeping a routine with the only two days a week thing, but overall it’s been pretty good,” said Zhelayev.

Zhelayev has managed to settle down with the new change but she also does prefer learning in class a lot more.

“I prefer in-class learning over digital learning because I feel like it’s easier to ask teachers questions, and more participation, and I retain the information better,” said Zhelayev.

On digital learning days, students are able to get extra free time, while Zhelayev sleeps and watches TV.

“I sleep most of the time and then I do my homework and I watch TV,” said Zhelayev.

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