A new addition to the Lowry staff

A new addition to the Lowry staff

By Chris Gildone Posted March 29, 2021

Mr. Brett Westmoreland is coming to teach English at Lowry. He was born in Winnemucca and studied secondary education at the University of Reno. He currently teaches at Fernley High school.

Mr. Westmoreland is moving back to teach but also to come back to the place he grew up. He wants to return to the small-town lifestyle of Winnemucca for his daughter’s teenage years.

“My wife and I are excited to return to our hometown of Winnemucca,” said Westmoreland. “We have great memories of our childhoods and want our daughter to experience the freedoms that we experienced as teenagers.”

Westmoreland enjoys teaching high school students. He likes to see them mature throughout their high school years.

“The most inspiring aspect of teaching is to watch students enter high school as children and level as young adults,” said Westmoreland. “To watch them academically transition into young intellectuals is the greatest reward.”

And he feels that teaching high school students keeps him young in a sense. Westmoreland said, “As long as my maturity level is at, or slightly above a high school level then everything is okay.”

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