Academic Challenge: A successful year lands the team at state

Academic Challenge: A successful year lands the team at state

By Luz Magaña 

Academic Challenge is a group that competes with other schools in trivia and challenges their knowledge on different academic topics. This year, Academic Challenge went to state and placed second.

“The person who got first place was in the lead the whole time so we weren’t really competing with them anymore,” said George Arellano Gonzalez. “But with the other teams we were so it was really fun.”

This club is exciting for students as they get to work with each other, studying and quizzing each other, as well as competing and interacting with other schools.

“It was a joyful experience in the academic side of it and also the social part of it,” said Charlotte Allen.

This is a newer club here at Lowry that has been offered to students here at Lowry. Advisor Miranda Santos has led the club for two years now. 

“Being the advisor for Academic Challenge for the second year has been incredibly rewarding. It’s been a privilege to watch these bright students grow and excel in their academic pursuits,” said Santos. 

Academic Challenge allows students to use their knowledge about topics like math, science, literature, geography, and history. Their knowledge of these topics lead them to place second at state this year. 

“The experience of going to state this year was exciting,” said Santos. “The students worked hard and they rose to the occasion and performed exceptionally well. That led us into the finals against Truckee yet again, where we were unable to come out with the win. Therefore, resulting in a 2nd place title at the 2024 Academic Challenge state competition.” 

Academic Challenge has had a very successful year, but could not beat the five-time state champion Truckee High at this year’s state competition.