Academic Challenge (Quiz Bowl) trying to improve on last year’s second place finish

Academic Challenge (Quiz Bowl) trying to improve on last year’s second place finish

By Chloe Rusconi Posted December 17, 2008

Most people would be insulted if they were called a nerd, but the members of the Quiz Bowl team wear the moniker like a badge of honor.

“The Quiz Bowl is for a bunch of nerdy students to show off their brainpower,” said senior Kole Kracaw.

As in any athletic competition, the team competes against other schools in its region such as Battle Mountain, Spring Creek, and Dayton. Since only seven students are used for a competition they must qualify to compete.

The competition consists of rounds of questions that carry values depending on their difficulty. Students must be able to answer questions such as, “What event led to the transfer of power over India from the British East India Company to the British government?”

Students have five seconds to answer most questions, but they get thirty seconds for math questions.

At last year’s State Tournament, Lowry was the runner-up to Dayton. The team was disappointed but wants to improve this year.

They practice every Thursday in Mr. Storm’s room. Seven students get to compete so scores are kept for practice. The top seven get to go with the team to State.

“You can’t study the right answers because it is not a given test,” said junior Jackson Gratwohl.

Newcomers can get a little overwhelmed by the questions. “I like it, but it’s hard,” freshman Ryan Kracaw said.

“What I would like to get out of Quiz Bowl is knowledge and friends,” said newcomer Ryan Kracaw.

This year the students on the team are; Kole Kracaw, Ryan Kracaw, Sophie Kristof, Lindsay Tattersall, Erin Tattersall, Tim Palmer, Brett Schaffner, Mishell Alarcon, Jackson Gratwohl and Johnny Cooper III.

If you were wondering the answer to the question above, it is the Sepoy Rebellion.

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