A Christmas wish list

By Camille Lyon Posted December 17, 2008

The Christmas season has sprung upon us once again. If you did not complete all of your Christmas shopping on Black Friday, then you should hurry and decide on the gifts you feel your friends and family will need. Other than new boots, clothes, the latest iPods and technology, why not consider the non-materialistic needs of this community. The economy is in a recession; one thing we can now try is putting our needs on a wish list and hoping someone will look upon them and surprise us with Christmas spirit.

In Winnemucca, we may have many attractions such as rodeos and motorcycle rallies. These events are entertaining but they are not teen-focused. However, we could try new things. I wish Winnemucca would have more teen-friendly events, such as public dances or any other activities not involving cheesy, childish activities. Many teens improvise and find other activities themselves. Whether it is saran-wrapping and tagging a car or playing fugitive late at night, we need some variety to keep us entertained.

Winnemucca has a local movie theatre and a bowling alley for teens to hang out at, but these activities become old and lack the exciting thrill they used to have when we were younger. The lack of fun, safe activities push teens to do things others may not approve of, such as drinking and partying. Most teens want to have fun, and we just need some fresh activities in this town to give it a hip, new feel.

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