Advice: Ask Rylee

By Rylee Mathis Posted April 17, 2013

Jennifer W. asks, “Rylee, I fail a lot of tests, how can I prepare myself better for them?”

Jennifer, I feel you. I don’t particularly believe in studying, but it really is important. It’s not enough to just sit in class and listen to the teacher. Sometimes they don’t cover everything you need to know. Take some time and read over the material or practice memorizing it. That should help.

Keith L. asks, “Rylee, what can I do to make high school easier for myself?”

Well, Keith, high school is hard for everyone and there’s really no guide to making it better. You just have to keep your chin up and have a positive attitude. Most importantly you have to remember that it’s only four years of your life and it’s not going to matter when you get to where you’re going.

Cameron F. asks, “Rylee, what do you do when something really embarrassing happens to you? How do I deal with those situations without making them worse?”

I’m generally an awkward person, Cameron, and I embarrass myself more often than not. But my reactions depend on the situation. I suppose the best thing you can do is try to laugh it off. Instead of letting other people laugh at you or make you feel embarrassed, laugh at yourself. You’ll always feel silly when you think about it but no one has to know that.

Trina G. asks, “Rylee, I really want to make more friends, how do I stop being so shy?”

Well, Trina, the main reason why people are shy and can’t come out of their shells is that they’re afraid of rejection. All you have to do is have faith in yourself that you won’t be too awkward when it comes to talking to someone new. Usually, people are pretty accepting of other people, so try to be accepting of them as well.