How was your lunch?

How was your lunch?

By The Brand Staff Posted April 17, 2013

Considering Lowry only gives us 45 minutes to eat lunch we are not able to go to all the places that we would like to. We have no time to go out and eat somewhere where we can take as much time as needed. Instead, we’re constantly in a rush. Here are a couple of places to eat lunch that may benefit you.

If you don’t feel like driving, or you are just unable to drive, stay at school and enjoy the menu here or bring a sack lunch. If you want to go out, but don’t want to go very far, Up-Town Market, Khoury’s, or Maverick is the right place for you.

“I stay at the school because I just like to stay here,” said Junior Alex Roark.

Some students also don’t have cash flowing out of their back pockets so the cheapest places in our small town tend to be

Khoury’s, Taco Time, gas stations, or any local fast food dollar menu. Taco Bell will be coming to Winnemucca soon so there will be a new place to enjoy your lunch.

Winnemucca isn’t just full of fatty fast food places either, we have subway and every restaurant in town will have salad on the menu.

Junior Drake Kavanaugh is among the many students who enjoys his lunch from the Lowry High kitchen.

I eat in the lunchroom. I don’t have a car so I can’t go anywhere. If I did have a car I would go to Subway.”

However, fast food restaurants are not always that fast and are continually the cause of tardies.

If you choose to go home there are plenty of advantages to that as well, and that’s what people usually choose to do.

Lunch is really the only time during a school day when people don’t have to focus on a book on their desk or a computer in front of their faces, so you should enjoy your lunch.

Drake Kavanaugh. /Courtesy • Winnada
Drake Kavanaugh. /Courtesy • Winnada