Alan Contreras learning and applying a new language

Alan Contreras learning and applying a new language

By Olivia Espinola Posted January 20, 2022

Learning a foreign language may not always be the easiest task, however sophomore Alan Contreras makes the task look easy.

Mr. Clay Sagers hand-picked Contreras for his student of the week for his work ethic.

“He has been working extremely hard this year while balancing his classes and learning English,” said Sagers.

Contreras tries to better his studies by being involved in class discussions and bringing his positive attitude into the class atmosphere.

“He is always asking us questions trying to learn more, especially regarding learning new words in English,” said Sagers. “He is always happy and brings joy to the entire class.”

Contreras is always finding ways to balance his school life and the stress of learning a new language. Most may become easily frustrated, but not Contreras.

Contreras enjoys many things at school; he especially appreciates the bonding and learning component the most.

“What I like most about school is being with my friends and learning things from all the different subjects,” said Contreras.