Anastasia Foy’s perfectionism brights up the classroom  

Anastasia Foy’s perfectionism brights up the classroom  

By Cynthia Ruiz Posted January 26, 2024 

Anastasia Foy was nominated for her hard-working trait and determination skills by Ms. Marie-Jeanne Dawson in both French IV and AP Psychology.

“She is a hard worker and always striving to do her best,” said Dawson. “She wants things done perfectly and will do whatever she has to do to make sure she gives it her best.”

Foy’s perfectionism is put into her work knowing she’d do her best every step of the way no matter how easy or difficult the work is she’ll always give all her effort.

“She is a person that never gives up and has a positive attitude,” said Dawson. “She is always willing to help other people, participates in class, and she’s a teacher’s dream.”

Not only does she want to do her best as an individual, but she also shows a teacher-like attitude by helping others complete their work.

“The classes that I’m taking right now are like AP classes,” said Foy. “I like taking those classes because it’s usually a smaller group and it feels a bit more comfortable with each other talking about the situation or topic.”

Foy felt gratified to be chosen because she’s had Dawson as a teacher for quite a long time and it felt like all her hard work after all those years has paid off.

“I feel like the people challenge you in these types of classes,” said Foy. “Because in some classes I don’t feel like the other kids are participating.”