Anderson is “Old School”

Anderson is “Old School”

By Katy Granath Posted October, 22, 2008

Andy Anderson has been an art teacher at Lowry High School for three years. His cartoon series, “Old School”, is based on his experiences as a high school teacher. Anderson has drawn and illustrated three of these cartoons each year he has spent at Lowry. Anderson says he draws “Old School” to make fun of himself.

Each of Anderson’s one-panel gag cartoons is meant to poke fun at himself. Anderson, like the character of “Old School”, often misuses teenage lingo in his classroom. These awkward moments, have provided him with an abundance of funny stories as inspiration for his cartoon. Chuckling about saying “fo shizzle” in class, Anderson laughs, “My students say, ‘no, Mr. Anderson, just don’t.’”

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