Apple’s iOS 7 is all looks

By Weston Irons Posted September 27, 2013

It has been a big week for Apple with the release of two new phones as well as the release of their new operating system, iOS 7. iOS 7 gives iPhone users a new look but it seems to be the only thing this update offers. Other new features have been available in Android phones long before this update. So Apple doesn’t deserve the praise it’s getting.

The new design appears to be a simpler look than the iOS 6 look. In fact, I prefer the older look more as this new one seems somewhat boring and simplistic. Besides the new look what new features does iOS 7 bring?

These new features may be new to Apple, but are not new to the smartphone world. Android has had many of these features is their phones for years. Apple’s Multitask feature is not very special considering I have been using it on my Android phone for nearly a year. Other features Apple has implemented into its line of phones are the Notification Center and the New Tab view both of which have been perfected in Android phones.

So what is so incredible about this update, the new Siri voice and sounds? Which sounds like a very minimal thing to get excited over. So is iOS 7 really that special or just thought to be by people who think anything new is better?