April Students of the Month

April Students of the Month

By Mary Castaneda Posted April 30, 2013

Note: This article provided by the Leadership Class

We are very proud to announce our April Students of the month for all their achievements and hard work in and out of the classroom! Congratulations!

Freshman Clay Erquiaga was nominated as Student of the Month in April by Mr. Billingsley. Clay is a hard worker in and out of class and is always willing to help students and Mr. Billingsley with whatever they may need. He always has a positive attitude and treats everyone with respect as well as kindness. He is a pleasure to have in class, is a good role model, and makes his class a better place. Congratulations to Clay!

As April’s Student of the Month, Mr. Watson nominated Sophomore Blake Duncan. His reasons are simple; Blake is a hard worker and makes a positive contribution to his class by having a great attitude and good self-control. Blake also goes out of his way when he is not in class or at school to simply say “hi!”. Thank you for being awesome and getting nominated Blake!

Mrs. Peters nominated Juan Castro as the Junior Class Student of the month for April. Juan is a hardworking individual who always has a smile on his face. He enjoys hanging out with his classmates and loves to help Gerardo make sure our hallways are clean. He is a positive young man who looks forward to coming to school to learn, going out on community outings, and participating in Special Olympics. Well done Juan!

Jade Lapira, a senior was nominated by Mrs. Mercado as April’s Student of the Month. Jade is an excellent student. She is diligent in her work and as a result, has earned high grades. She is wonderful to have in class, because of her consistently positive attitude and leadership. She is generally just a charming person to be around who sets a positive example in order for her classmates to succeed.

Thanks for all you do April Students of the month! We are very proud of you and keep up the good work!