Are you more of a leader or a follower?

By Ludivynne Canales Posted March 10, 2023

Leadership is defined by Fred Fiedler, as the ability to influence others to achieve common goals. There are many kinds of leadership, such as political, organizational, religious, and personal. Leadership has been studied for years by psychologists and sociologists because it has such a significant impact on society. A leader must have confidence in themselves and their abilities which will allow them to teach and help other people around them.

Leadership helps people achieve their goals and objectives, which is why leadership is so important. Leadership is an essential part of any organization because, without it, no organization would be able to function properly. In addition, leadership can also be seen in the community because, without leadership, there would be chaos. Leadership plays an important role in our society. It greatly impacts society because use it helps people achieve their goals and dreams.

In an article by Leaderomics, it says, “You’re not a leader just because you have people reporting to you. And you don’t suddenly become a leader once you reach a certain pay grade. A true leader influences others to be their best. Leadership is about social influence, not positional power.”

A follower is a person who follows without being asked to do so. A follower is someone who does not have any independent opinion but instead follows another person’s idea. A follower can be defined as a person who does not have any authority or power in their own right but instead has authority based on the fact that they follow someone else.

Being a follower is not always bad, there are times when it’s good. For example, when you follow someone because you respect them and their opinion rather than just following because they have
power over you or you feel pressured to do so. It can be harmful if you only follow someone for their money, fame, or just because you want to be like them.

Everyone should become their own leader. Leadership is not always about power; it can also be about persuasion, inspiration, or even just being a good example for others to follow. Being a leader is important because then you don’t rely on others around you and you become more independent, which is a great skill to have while growing up.