Art/Career Tech students show their skills at showcase

Art/Career Tech students show their skills at showcase

By Marcos Duran-Salcedo Posted May 29, 2013

The Annual CTE/Art Night was held on May 23, with over 300 pieces of art displayed and many people in attendance. Art, drafting projects, woodshop furniture, welding displays, and much more were on display. Many students were working on projects as the night progressed, to give spectators a feel of what they do in class.

Mr. Andrew Anderson only had good things to say about the event. “The night has gone sublimely,” said Anderson. “There are hundreds of pieces of art out there, and that’s not an exaggeration. I couldn’t be prouder of my students. There’s a lot of art that goes unnoticed, that’s why we’re excited.”

Mrs. Courtney Rorex had a similar tone to Anderson’s.

“The night’s been excellent, with no rain. There are 200 pieces of art out there, maybe more,” said Rorex. “I am very thrilled about this. Everything turned out nicely. If you haven’t tried art, you should, you might be missing something.”

But the night wasn’t just about art, with many CTE projects on display as well. Mr. Don Walton threw in his opinion about the showcase.

During the night, you see a lot of people you normally don’t see, and that’s a good thing. It’s neat to see a collection of things by the students,” said Walton.

Overall, it was a pleasant evening for those who went to the showcase. If you didn’t, you can come any year at around this time.