What to Watch: ‘Guy Code’ giving the rules about being a man

What to Watch: ‘Guy Code’ giving the rules about being a man

By Omar Guerrero Posted May 28, 2013

“Guy Code,” now in its third season, has given us guys something to live by in how we handle the things in our daily lives. The show first premiered on November 15, 2011, and hasn’t stopped entertaining audiences since.

The show is made up of some very funny men and women who know all there is about being a guy and the codes he must follow. You have Andrew Schulz who is hilarious and knows a lot about the code. Then you have the pair of Lil Duval and Charlamagne Tha God who do funny things and play out certain scenarios. Jon Gabrus is the funny fat guy who knows all about the code for bigger men and how to handle yourself.

Then there are the women and that’s where April Rose, Melanie Iglesias, and Lisa Ramos come in and give us a perspective from a women’s point of view. Finally, Chris Distefano. He is my favorite on the show and probably the funniest as well.

If you are a guy, “Guy Code,” is for all types of guys. Whether you’re straight, gay, black, white, religious, hipster, athletic, or whatever, they have the tips for you. The show talks about women, sex, pregnancy scares, health, diet, clothing, money, video games, drinking, dancing, lying, cops, dating, relationships, piercings, death, parenthood, school, and the manliest thing of all, sports. So, as you can see, they have the code for basically everything.

Every episode there is something new they’re talking about and it just makes you laugh even if it’s serious. It’s informative and you can relate to what they’re talking about. The show is on every Tuesday at 8 p.m. Make sure to tune in, it’s worth your time. Do you know the code?