Art/CTE host third annual showcase

Art/CTE host third annual showcase

By Harley Long Posted May 30, 2012

On May 24 Lowry High School hosted its annual CTE Showcase from 6 to 8 p.m. throughout the CTE and art buildings there were works of art ranging from computer graphics to entertainment centers. The woodshop, welding, computer, and horticulture all showed their talents and skills by showing off their projects. The horticulture class was also selling the plants that they have been growing in the greenhouse all year.

Mr. Bernardi’s classes have been working all year on projects and other miscellaneous things for the home. Meyer’s students had all of their welding projects on display and were showing demonstrations of how to make certain projects. In the science building, Mrs. Scott’s classes showed all of their Photoshop skills, scrapbooks, and slide shows they’ve made this year.

“I liked seeing all the artwork that my friends did, especially the head silhouettes,” said McKenzie Moore.

The Art building was overflowing with art projects from every art teacher here. There were self-portraits made from charcoal in Kottke’s classroom, along with some of her students working on other projects they were in the process of making. Anderson’s students were showing how to use the pottery wheel and how to do graphic design samples for the people who were interested. Rorex had all of her sewing classes’ aprons, blankets, and other projects they had made throughout the year hanging in her room and in the CTE building as well.

“The uniqueness of the art that captured their personalities was the best part,” said Matt Jones.

The Art club made sidewalk art with chalk; the theme of the chalk art was “iconic”. This year the weather held up throughout the night and everyone was able to see their handy work. There was Lego people, Marilyn Monroe pop art, and Campbell’s soup can art just like the one by Andy Warhol.

“The ceramics display was definitely the best! It had all the lights and everything,” said Mr. Andy Anderson.

FFA was selling plants and cookie dough as a fundraiser for the Ag students. They had all different kinds of plants in the greenhouse, such as sagebrush, flowers, and garden vegetables. In the Ag room they had displays of cows and what all different products come from them alone.

“My favorite part was my cow in the Ag room, duck tape fixes everything,” said AJ Ourada.

The Woodshop classes had entertainment centers, bookshelves, shoe racks, gun racks, computer desks and vanities displayed that random students had made. They varied in all different sizes. Also in the CTE building, the welding classes showed all of their signs and tables they had welded together this year. The welding class also makes signs for other people as a fundraiser for Skills USA.

“All of the displays were really good, the kids worked really hard,” said Mr. Luca Bernardi.

The weather was good, the turnout was good, and the art was great. Everyone who came was pleased with what they saw. Members of the community filled the halls of Lowry to view students’ hard work and effort that they displayed throughout the year. The showcase demonstrated both the artistic and skilled side of Lowry that much of the community is unable to see throughout the year.

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