Athlete of the Year: Angie Herrera

Athlete of the Year: Angie Herrera

By Wyatt Lester Posted May 30, 2012

Angie Herrera has been selected as the 2011-2012 Athlete of the Year for her outstanding sports achievements throughout her years at Lowry.

Angie is a three-sport athlete and an active student involved in many Lowry academic activities, such as National Honor Society. Her athletics career has consisted of being a varsity athlete in every sport since her sophomore year, a state championship in basketball, and all the great memories of being in all the sports.

She has played sports since she could practically walk and has tried all sorts of activities since her early years. She started with soccer at the beginning of grade school and has grown to be a three-sport athlete all four years of high school.

“I’ve been playing volleyball since I could walk, basketball since about third grade, and softball since fifth grade,” said Herrera, “I even played soccer when I was in first grade.”

Angie has followed in the footsteps of her own family members who were Lowry athletes such as her older sister who played similar sports and her father who participated many years ago.

Volleyball is her favorite sport because of its high intensity and the overall aspect of fun it brings. Herrera has achieved many feats in her athletic career such as a 1st team All-League award and a state championship trophy in basketball. She is also a state runner-up in softball. Herrera’s idol in sports has been Michael Jordan because “he’s awesome and has the right character as an athlete.” Angie likes to just hang out with friends like any other teenage kid and enjoys being competitive in all her activities. She succeeds in all aspects surrounding Lowry sports but she’s horrible at badminton for some unknown reason.

When asked what she thought some of the Lowry coaches would say about her she said, “I worked really hard at everything I did and I never stopped trying. I put 100% effort and I worked well on a team and listen to directions well.”

Angie will attend UNR for general studies. She said she has no further plans with any competitive sports and it’s time to close that chapter.

“It’s high school yeah, but life goes on. But I hope when I’m gone I’ll have left a mark on Lowry and it’ll show that I did try and hard work does pay off,” said Herrera.

Her accomplishments have shown that she will leave Lowry with the character and determination that she has shown in Lowry athletics.

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