Artist of the Year: Gillian Finn

Artist of the Year: Gillian Finn

By Yoci Perez Posted June 8, 2023

Gillian Finn has the honor of being selected as the Artist of the Year for 2022-2023. Ms. Julia Topholm believes Finn is an outstanding artist who is willing to push herself to her creative limits. Her ability to perfectly envision what she wants to create makes Finn particularly stand out.

“Her ability to work with multiple art media and have a clear vision of what she wants to produce and her ability to execute it definitely makes her stand out,” said Topholm. 

Topholm also adds that she is a teachable student. She is also a kind and caring person. 

Finn loves to try new approaches to her projects. This helps her improve not only her will but her patience. 

Finn has been drawing since she was seven. Art was a way for her to comfort herself and create a sense of a “safe place”. She soon realized her potential when her teacher pointed out doodles on her paper. From there on, she has been able to advance her skills and see her potential. Her skills are so impressive that she has had her work showcased in every Humboldt County Art Show, and she is also working on a second mural commission piece. 

“I do think my skills have improved majorly in high school,” said Finn. “Specifically, in my sophomore year when I was really able to have creative freedom and explore my abilities.”

For this dedicated artist, art is not just a hobby. Finn tries to involve art in every possible aspect of her life. She even loves to create pieces for others. 

“My favorite part of creating art is making pieces for others,” said Finn “ I love being able to bring someone else’s vision to life.”

With all the pieces she has created through her high school years, there were a couple that truly stood out to her. 

“I have two favorite pieces that I have done: a graphite elephant drawing and a koi fish painting,” said Finn. “Those pieces are my very favorites and they are both things that I will always hold on to.” 

Although she will be leaving Lowry this year, she will carry many memories from art class that she could hold onto forever.