Senior Round Up with Victorya Murillo, Angel Acevedo Mora and Jasmin Ruiz

Senior Round Up with Victorya Murillo, Angel Acevedo Mora and Jasmin Ruiz

By Cylie Spriet Posted June 8, 2023

How would you describe your time here in your four years at Lowry High School?

VM: I would say it wasn’t too shabby.

AA: It went well but a little bumpy but other than that it was really good.

JR: It went a little icy but it is okay.

Did you guys have a favorite teacher and why?

VM: Ms. Jenkins because she’s cool, fun to talk to, and very sassy.

AA: Mr. Corak because he teaches his subject very well.

JR: Ms. Santos because she’s very energetic and very nice and I loved being a TA for her.

What do you like most about senior year?

VM: I don’t have 7 classes and only 3.

AA: Being senior class president.

JR: Well I’m in drama and stagecraft so that’s pretty cool.

What do you like most about the teachers at Lowry?

VM: They are easy to talk to and pretty chill.

AA: They teach well and they care about you.

JR: Their character and personality.

What advice do you have for the incoming freshmen?

VM: Yolo don’t waste your freshman year.

AA: Don’t let your work pile up, manage your time.

JR: Just don’t be stupid.

Where do you imagine yourself in 10 years from now?

VM: Living my best life I’m ballin ‘out.

AA: With a house and kids and a job.

JR: With a good job, some kids, and my own house.

What college do you plan on going to?

VM: Truckee Meadows Community College.

AA: Not planning to go.

JR: GBC then transfer to Lincoln College.

Who are you inspired by?

VM: Abraham Lincoln.

AA: Barack Obama.

JR: My parents.

Do you guys have any future goals? 

VM: Yes, I want to be a social worker.

AA: Yes, I want to be a future doctor.

JR: Yes, I want to go to school to be a sociology.