Nevaeh Jackson selected as Science Student of the Week

Nevaeh Jackson selected as Science Student of the Week

By Allison Green Posted September 19, 2023

Student Nevaeh Jackson is in Ms. Alexis Mattson’s cap class. She has displayed a sense of ambition and enthusiasm whenever she comes to class. Mattson is thrilled to have such a student as Jackson so her teaching is known to be enjoyable as well as the knowledge taken away from her class.

“Because she’s awesome,” said Mattson. “She is a responsible and reliable student, she does not complain when I assign work.”

Jackson is a flexible student who engages in Mattson’s teaching which allows her to learn more throughout the lessons. Besides the learning aspect of the class, Jackson shows respect to the teacher by showing up on time and always being prepared to work.

“She’s always in class, on time, and never leaves,” said Mattson. “When she’s here, she’s here.”

Jackson enjoys the class and believes she is a hard worker and is excited about the upcoming projects that are planned.

“I am very proud of myself,” said Jackson. “I feel like I earned it.”

Based on her hard work and dedication to keep her grades good, Jackson feels rewarded and a sense of accomplishment in Mattson’s class.

“The projects because they are very fun and I still learn a lot, and I am looking forward for the dissection in this class,” said Jackson.