Artist of the year: Sara Buckingham’s amazing progress stands out

Artist of the year: Sara Buckingham’s amazing progress stands out

By Madalynn Tagle Posted June 6, 2024

Ms. Julia Topholm selected Sara Buckingham as Artist of the Year for 2024. Buckingham is a senior this year and has outstanding qualities that make her stand out to Topholm.

“Sara is a versatile artist and can work with various media given to her,” said Topholm.

Buckingham enjoys the class and its various options for projects and the process of making them. Each project is unique and has its special process.

“My favorite part about art is creating great pieces and the overall atmosphere of the class,” said Buckingham.

Buckingham’s determination and dedication to art have shown significant changes within her art. Topholm can see the passion and enjoyment for art through Buckingham’s improvement of her pieces.

“Her progress is evident from then to now,” said Topholm. “From Art 1 with Ms. Jenkins to Advanced Art with me, she has improved heavily”.

Art gives Buckingham a chance to express herself in whatever way she feels. Art is a medium to communicate her feelings. She has been able to experience many memories throughout her art classes.

“Art gives me a chance to express creative freedom,” said Buckingham. “My favorite part is the experiences I have had.”

There are many memories she has accumulated throughout the years that are very fond to her and her art experiences.

“My favorite memory from art would probably be having great laughs with friends and with Ms. Topholm and talking about each other’s art pieces,” said Buckingham.

Buckingham has had an amazing time getting to experience and improve in her art classes throughout high school and her journey is far from over.

“Once I graduate high school I plan on going into business,” said Buckingham. “College business will allow me to pursue my art career.”