Kayla Newkirk demonstrates commitment and leadership in drama

Kayla Newkirk demonstrates commitment and leadership in drama

By Ludi Canales Posted June 6, 2024

Ms. Kelly Bales has been amazed by the new student, Kayla Newkirk, for her hardworking ethic and determination. Although Newkirk did not get to participate in all of the plays this year, she kept a smile on her face and supported her classmates throughout.

“Kayla moved here from Georgia in the middle of the year, last year,” said Bales. “She was put into Drama during the production of ‘Rumplestiltskin;’ therefore, she wasn’t able to have a role in that play. However, she was very happy just being a part of the class and did everything that was asked of her.”

Newkirk is glad she moved to Nevada her junior year because she enjoys the Drama class at Lowry High School. “I moved here from Georgia my junior year,” said Newkirk. “I like a good change of pace and so I am glad I moved here and decided to partake in the Drama class here.” 

Newkirk is going to cherish her memories in Drama once she graduates. “I’ll always remember Drama as a little family,” said Newkirk. “I’ll always remember the days when we just talked and goofed around with each other.”

Newkirk’s dependable, ideal skills and precision during plays are impeccable.

“This year, she played the comedic Musketeer, Porthos, and did a wonderful job delivering her lines with accuracy and good timing,” said Bales. “Kayla is extremely dependable and has a wonderfully positive attitude. She has a talent for delivering her lines well and can remain calm in stressful situations.”

Newkirk has shown to be extremely trustworthy and reliable, even in challenging, unexpected situations.

Kayla Newkirk delivers her lines during the play of “The Three Musketeers”. /Raegan Terry • The Brand
Kayla Newkirk delivers her lines during the play of “The Three Musketeers”. /Raegan Terry • The Brand

“In our spring play, Kayla had a small role as the Owl,” said Bales. “However, the actor playing the father became ill during the week of the performances so I asked Kayla to take over the father’s role, and she agreed without hesitation.

Newkirk is a fast learner, which helped her in the long run.

“I asked her to take over the role at 7:30 in the morning on Tuesday,” said Bales. “On our first Tuesday performance at 9 a.m., she performed as the father. That gave her only an hour and a half to memorize and prepare for the part. She did an amazing job as the father for the rest of the week and we couldn’t have done the play without her.”

Newkirk has learned to be prepared and says it paid off.

“I usually go for smaller roles in plays we do,” said Newkirk. “At my old school, I would sometimes cover for people and ironically enough I had to during our spring play and had to learn my lines the morning of the start of our plays.”

Newkirk is grateful for the opportunities that have come from Drama.

“Drama and Ms. Bales helped me get out of my shell,” said Newkirk. “They helped me be me and made me less nervous so I am grateful for that.”