Teacher of the Year: Ms. Julia Topholm draws a brighter future for students

Teacher of the Year: Ms. Julia Topholm draws a brighter future for students

By Josie Jenkins Posted June 6, 2024

Many teachers have voted Ms. Julia Topholm for teacher of the school year 2023-2024. She has shown Lowry High School the importance of caring for every individual student and person in the building.

“I think Topholm’s dedication towards Lowry High School has been phenomenal,” said Tim Connors. “Her belief in students as well as facility, bringing everyone together has had tremendous effects on school culture. She’s done a tremendous job, as well as listening to new ideas and not being afraid to try new ideas for the betterment of Lowry High School.”

Topholm is a great person and teacher; the students and the rest of the facility believe she’s a pleasure to be around and to work with.

“I’m a little bit surprised,” said Topholm. “It’s nice to get that recognition that you did a good job. I’m grateful that the other teachers see the hard work that I put in.”

Topholm has put in a lot of effort and work into making the school a better environment for students and faculty. She makes Lowry’s events fun and enjoyable to be at and many people appreciate the hard work she puts into setting them up.

“I think it’s because I love what I do,” said Topholm. “I get to come to school, yet some days are hard, but not everybody can say they get to come to their workplace and do their favorite thing all day.”

Topholm’s dedication to Lowry High did not and will not go unnoticed. Her many sacrifices show her true effort toward this school.