Ask Rylee

Ask Rylee

By Rylee Mathis Posted February 6, 2013

Christina P. asks, “Rylee, what should I do about a classmate I don’t like?”

Well, Christina, the best way to handle an annoying or rude classmate is to ignore them. If this doesn’t work, just come up with witty comebacks to outsmart the person so they won’t find you fun to tease.

James A. asks, “Rylee, my girlfriend is cheating on me but I still want to be with her, what do I do?”

James, you should probably leave that home wrecker. She’s not good enough for you and that’s that.

Andrew B. asks, “Rylee, how do you deal with your parents when you fail a test?”

I just tell them that everyone else failed the test too. That usually works. But if they don’t buy that, just tell them your teacher hates you. They’ll understand.

Ransom M. asks, “Rylee, how do I avoid being forever alone?”

Well, Ransom, I’ve noticed lately that girls don’t like the sweet talker who buys flowers and chocolates. They say they do, but they really don’t. They are like bad boys. Be a bad boy. Or look like one of the singers from One Direction. The ladies love them some One Direction boys.

Abby L. asks, “Rylee, what can I do to change my boring wardrobe?”

It’s not that hard to find a new look. Simple accessories like earrings and bracelets can give you a new style. If you have the money, you can just buy new clothes. It’s easy to find cheap, nice-looking clothes in any style. Don’t go all Gaga and wear lunch meat to school, but try something unexpected and different. Something people are going to notice, like bright colors and crazy hairdos.