Athlete of the Issue: Carli Evatz

Athlete of the Issue: Carli Evatz

By Brody Goucher Posted February 6, 2013

Carli Evatz has been chosen as Athlete of the Issue for her outstanding leadership and commitment to being the best she can be and to making her teammates better around her.

So far the varsity basketball team has not had the best season, but they have steadily improved and are making next year’s hopes look bright.

Evatz has a lot of respect from her teammates as well as her coach and peers.

“Carli is the team captain and she is as good of a leader as I have ever coached, to coach a player with Carli’s character is every sports coach’s dream,” said Coach Smith.

Often the girls have faltered because of the inability to make shots in the heated moments of games.

“I think our team’s strongest point is our drive to never give up no matter how much we are down and our ability to play great defense,” said Evatz. “As a team, I think our weakest point is not being able to finish around the basket and make our shots.”

There is one big role model Carli tries to live up to and that is someone very close to her.

“My biggest role in life and sports is my dad because in high school he played sports and always gave 110 percent and I want to live up to those expectations,” said Evatz.

 Carli is not entirely sure about which college she wants to attend but she is sure about what she wants to accomplish in life.

“I don’t plan on going to college for basketball but to be a vet and in 10 years that is what I see myself doing,” said Evatz.

 In addition to basketball Evatz also plays softball and succeeds in that almost as much as in basketball, but she says that basketball is still her favorite sport.

 Evatz has had two coaches that have taught her everything she knows about basketball.

“The two coaches that have taught me the most are Coach Jack Smith and Coach Chelsea Mendiola, each has added aspects to my game. Coach Mendiola taught me the basics and got me ready for Varsity and Coach Smith nurtured that and brought me to where I am now,” said Evatz.

Evatz is the definition of hard work and she gives 100 percent every time she steps on the court whether it’s just in practice going through drills or if it’s late in a game.

“Evatz has great leadership and determination to improve the team and herself on a daily basis,” said Smith.