Athlete of the Issue: Michael Billingsley

Athlete of the Issue: Michael Billingsley

By Justin Albright & Weston irons Posted February 6, 2013

When he’s on the wrestling mat, or on the gridiron, Michael Billingsley is one of the fiercest competitors you’ll ever meet. However, when he’s away from all the pressures of the sporting world, Michael is a nice and respectable young man.

“Playing sports has made me work harder at everything I do in life, and like in sports striving to do my best in everything,” said Billingsley.

Ever since a young boy, Michael has loved playing sports, with his favorites being wrestling and football, as he excels in both. While he has successes on the Gridiron, wrestling is by far his favorite.

“I love the competitiveness of wrestling, and how it’s just you against someone else with no team,” said Billingsley.

While being one of the many senior leaders on the wrestling team this year, Michael has also been a part of and won three straight wrestling state championships.

“The most challenging thing about wrestling is staying motivated because the practice can get tough, so just having a positive attitude is hard because of the running, cutting weight, and all that,” said Billingsley.

Michael has had the fortune of having a very successful high school career, but there are just certain moments that stick out.

“My most memorable and biggest accomplishment since wrestling here at Lowry, was winning state in Las Vegas along with my brother Beau and cousin Jace,” said Billingsley.

Ever since Michael was a little kid, wrestling and football have been his true passion, and you can tell by how big of a competitor he is. Both sports require an intense amount of preparation, both mentally and physically, wrestling more so than football, because in wrestling it’s just you against your opponent, there aren’t any teammates to fall back on for help.

“I like playing with a team like in football and being by myself like in wrestling. I love to wrestle because you get both the team and the individual aspect of it.”

Being one of the best wrestlers on a very deep Lowry team, Michael is gaining a lot of attention from numerous Division 1 college. With all of the attention, Michael plans on going to the Air Force Academy and wrestling for their team.