Athlete of the Issue: Coda Nichols

Athlete of the Issue: Coda Nichols

By Alexa Toscano Posted March 10, 2023

Coda Nichols is a senior at Lowry, he excels in many sports such as football, golf, and baseball. However, he has been a wrestler for a total of fourteen years. He is a hard worker who not only trains physically but mentally as well.

Nichols turns to practice to better himself. When it comes to competing in tournaments, he listens to his coaches, John Brooks and Brant Corak; takes their criticism, and performs ten times harder. The euphoria of knowing that each week he needs to go against someone makes him perform higher, not only when it comes to competing but at practice as well.

“Coda is a state champion because he truly believed in the Lowry wrestling program,” said coach John Brooks. “He started in the Buckaroo Wrestling Club and continued wrestling all the way through junior high and high school. Although he was usually much smaller than his opponents, he didn’t look for excuses.  He knew that if he continued to work, it would pay off.  He is a better man on and off the mat as a result.” 

Wrestling is known for being a mental sport. 

“In order to mentally prepare I turn to my music and my teammates,” said Nichols. ”They both help me keep my mind off wrestling for a little bit.” 

Although many struggle mentally when it comes to matches, he has developed a system to help him. When people ask Nichols if they should join wrestling he advises them to go for it, but to make sure they are prepared; not only physically but mentally. 

Nichols enjoyed his last season; he wrestled every match as if it was his last. This year he didn’t set many goals for himself, but the one he did make and complete was never regretting a match or practice because he knew he couldn’t wrestle another year.

“Coda has been a pleasure to coach,” said Corak. “I have watched him wrestle since he was 4 or 5 years old. He has dedicated himself to the sport and it paid off in a big way with a state title in 2022. This is the dream of every high school wrestler.”

Nichols has persevered throughout his four years of wrestling and became an inspiration to others.

“Coda became a leader in our wrestling room and took younger athletes under his wing, always eager to see them have as much success as himself,” said Corak. “He will truly be missed as he moves on to the world outside of Lowry High School.”

This year’s state was held right here in our backyard. 

“State was fun and memorable for sure,” said Nichols. “It wasn’t quite the outcome I wanted but it was all around a good experience considering it was set here in our hometown.

 A hardship this season for him was that he placed 2nd at state because of how close he was to another title. 

“When placing second I feel like it’s close but no cookie,” said Nichols. 

However, the highlights of every wrestling season for him were being around his team and coaches because they always made it enjoyable and memorable.

Being a senior means that this will be Nichol’s last year of high school wrestling. 

“I just wanna thank everybody who was around me throughout these years,” said Nichols. “Without the sport of wrestling being a part of my whole life I definitely wouldn’t be the person I am today. Teaching me many lessons I will keep with me moving forward with the new chapter of my life.”

Coda Nichols competes
against Fernley at the senior
night dual. /Livvy Espinola •
The Brand.
Coda Nichols competes against Fernley at the senior night dual. /Livvy Espinola • The Brand.