Athlete of the Issue: Kailey Franklin

Athlete of the Issue: Kailey Franklin

By Keira Garner Posted December 16, 2022

Kailey Franklin was selected for Athlete of the Issue and she deserves it with how hard she works both on and off the court. Franklin plays a guard on the girl’s varsity basketball team and an outside hitter on the varsity volleyball team.

“I play sports because in the end it is rewarding and I make good friendships,” said Franklin.

Franklin holds high standards for herself and knows she can continue moving forward with her athletic ability.

“Other than playing sports I hang out with my friends, work, and spend the most time with my family,” said Franklin. “My family is very important.”

Franklin loves playing sports but holds a special place in her heart for her loved ones.

“Kailey supported the team by being a leader on and off the court,” said Skylar Estes. “Her hard work drove everyone around her to be better and she was one we relied on to make things happen when we needed it.”

Estes coached Kailey for three years on the varsity volleyball team.

“I have been able to build a lot of good relationships with the girls and coaches,” said Franklin. “I learn a lot of new skills that I have worked on over the years.”

Franklin has been playing basketball since the third grade and volleyball since the seventh. She has been preparing for this moment on varsity teams since she was young.

“I always try to keep a positive attitude because when you have a positive attitude girls on the team tend to follow you,” said Franklin. “It’s also always good to have a positive attitude even during the harder times.”

Franklin encourages not only herself but others to have a bright outlook no matter the situation. She is always trying her best both on and off the court.

“Kailey is super dedicated to what she does and it shows, she is always doing amazing things. She is a great leader, role model, and is very committed,” said coach Chelsea Cabatbat.

Cabatbat is Franklin’s varsity basketball coach and you can tell she enjoys it.

“I think my sports seasons have been going really well; last year we won state for basketball and we worked really hard,” said Franklin. “This year I know we can do it again.”

Kailey Franklin was Second Team Team All-State, 3A North All-League, and 3A East All-League