Student-Athlete of the Issue: Luke Fentress

Student-Athlete of the Issue: Luke Fentress

By Ludi Canales

The class of 2024 is filled with a tremendous amount of athletic talent. This issue’s Athlete of the Issue was awarded to Luke Fentress.

Fentress is a two-sport athlete, he participates in football and wrestling. Fentress has grown up playing sports and has a love for them.

“I have been playing both sports since I was a youngling,” said Fentress. 

Growing up playing sports has helped Fentress discover who he is.

“Playing sports while growing up has changed my life and helped me discover who I am as a person,” said Fentress. “It has helped me become better than I ever thought I could be.”

Brant Corak has coached Fentress in wrestling for a good amount of time and enjoys Fentress’ ability to be coached and his dedication to the sport. 

“Luke is very coachable and can reflect on both wins and losses productively,” said Corak. “He is dedicated and practices at a high level. He is definitely one of the leaders in the room.”

Fentress’ personality and performance are a big part of who he is as an athlete. Coach Corak has big expectations for Fentress in his last year. 

“I enjoy Luke’s sense of humor and consistency,” said Corak. “You always know you’re going to get his best effort. He was state runner-up last year, and I know his goal is to stand on top of the podium this upcoming year.” 

While being Fentress’ last year of high school, leaving the sports is challenging.

“I have made great bonds with my teammates and coaches,” said Fentress. “Leaving will be hard because I will miss those bonds.”

Varsity football coach Taua Cabatbat has coached Fentress for his entire high school career. He has enjoyed watching his impeccable growth over the years.

“He came in as a freshman and now he’s a senior,” said Cabatbat. “He made a lot of good games and strides as far as being a leader. Luke has always been a person you can depend on, on and off the field. Watching his growth was and still is the best thing to see.”

Fentress also spends his time helping the athletic youth in the community. 

“I referee WYFL games on weekends,” said Fentress. “Even out of school, I still tend to surround myself with things involving sports, even though I get paid to do this one it is still pretty fun to do.”

Fentress enjoys spending quality time with his family and friends outside of sports. He also watches a lot of professional football in his free time. 

After high school, Fentress plans on playing football to pursue his love for both sports.