Athlete of the Issue: Tyler Brumm

Athlete of the Issue: Tyler Brumm

By Jolyn Garcia Posted April 17, 2013

The end of this baseball season also marks the end of a great athlete’s career. Senior Tyler Brumm, who plays basketball and baseball, says he will not be involved in sports at the college level. Brumm hopes to attend the University of Utah to study medicine.

Entering the world of sports at a young age, Brumm has been an athlete for as long as he can remember.
“It was my choice to get into sports and my parents have both played sports all of their lives, so they encouraged me to get into it,” said Brumm.

Brumm has been on the varsity baseball team for three years, playing on the JV team as a freshman. As for his basketball career, he has been on the varsity team for his junior and senior years, played on JV as a sophomore, and was on the freshman boy’s basketball team. Not only does Brumm participate in Lowry athletics but he is also an active member of the National Honor Society and is involved in Letterman’s Club.

It is no surprise that Brumm’s role models are his parents and an individual who was very much a part of college basketball.
“It’s a really old coach, his name is Jimmy Valvano. He was an inspirational guy, so he’s kind of a role model too. He took a team from nothing to a national championship team and he had cancer throughout a lot of the process so it was a battle for him and the team,” said Brumm.

Brumm will miss the world of being an athlete, but there is one thing he will miss the most.

“That bond that you get between teammates is something special; it’s different from anything else,” commented Brumm.

There is one teammate that Brumm will miss the most.

“I’m going to have to say Jesse Studebaker. I’ve played with him every year on almost every team.”

After playing the same sports for years, and enduring a long-time friendship, the two have built a strong bond. Brumm and Studebaker have both been involved with Lowry baseball and basketball for all four years. They were both a part of the 2011-2012 varsity basketball team, which won the state championship.

Brumm will carry the bonds that he has made with his teammates as he continues on his own path. If you have not seen Brumm in action, remember to head on over to the baseball field and catch a game before his season comes to a final end.