Athlete of the Week: Chloe McClintick

Athlete of the Week: Chloe McClintick

By Jayna Hill Posted October 3, 2008

This week, senior Chloe McClintick was chosen, by coach Brant Corak, from the Lowry Bucks girls golf team to be Athlete of the Week.

“We have played four tournaments this year and she has won all four of these tournaments…she won it not because of anything, but hard work.”

Corak also stated that McClintick spends an immense amount of her time golfing.

“Off-season in the summer she played golf on a daily basis,” said Corak. Corak also mentioned that McClintick spends much of her free time golfing and she takes it very seriously, it’s not just a game to her. “All of that has led up to her success,” said Corak.

McClintick is the top golfer in Northern Nevada. In the Lowry tournament, she came in first place with a score of 87. She also came in first in Sparks with an amazing score of 62. In Yerington once again McClintick came in first with a score of 83.

Over the season McClintick has worked very hard when Corak was asked how he thinks she has improved the most he replied, “She has improved mentally, she and I talked about how important it is to be mentally strong in golf, everyone is going to get bad shots…Chloe has done an excellent this year in maintaining her composure.”

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