Fun without beer?

By Amy Balagna Posted October 6, 2008

Amy Balagna
Amy Balagna

Entertainment in Winnemucca is rather limited, I, however, make it a point to have fun safely, meaning without the drugs and alcohol that plague our weekends. There are many ways risks can be taken without doing anything really illegal. This sounds childish but use your imagination.

When was the last time you had a snowball fight? I’m serious… Winter is coming and I have every intention of putting on my mittens, not gloves, I wear mittens, and throwing snow at my brother. It makes me giggle just as much as when I was six. 

Everything is better when it’s dark so how about playing your favorite sport. Midnight basketball is the way to go, for me anyway.

Extreme sports are ALWAYS fun. Skating is a dangerous but accepted way of getting a rush. And with the skate park directly across the street from the hospital, every extreme skater can get the medical attention they need if something does happen… What about skiing or snowboarding? Living only three hours away from the slopes how could you say no?

If these don’t interest you, instead of vandalizing something work on making our community better, I know you think I’m crazy here but I care about Winnemucca. You have to admit it’s a pretty nice place to grow up, and I would like to keep it that way…

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