Athlete of the Week: Eric Brooks

Athlete of the Week: Eric Brooks

By Omar Guerrero Posted October 15, 2012

As almost everyone at Lowry knows, Eric Brooks sustained a life-threatening injury at football practice.

On a regular practice day, the varsity and JV were doing regular football drills. Brooks ran a route and was thrown the ball by Calvin Connors. As Brooks stretched out for the ball, he collided with another player. The defensive player’s shoulder pad hit Brooks in the lower left stomach.

What was a normal hit caused Brooks’ kidney to rupture. Brooks was immediately driven to Humboldt General Hospital by his father, John Brooks. John is the JV football coach.

Brooks underwent emergency surgery to remove the damaged kidney but is recovering well.

As for the rest of his sports career at Lowry, he doesn’t know if he will still be able to continue.

“If it’s up to me then I’m going to wrestle. This is my year,” Eric said. ”It’s definitely been hard and one of the toughest things I’ve had to go through. But at the same time, I feel so lucky and blessed that I am still alive. The support that I have gotten has been incredible. So many people have helped me through this. It would be so hard without those people.
I love everyone who has helped me.”

In their game against Spring Creek, teammates wore tape with the number “10” written on it, showing their support for their teammate.