Athlete of the Week: Tyler Brumm

Athlete of the Week: Tyler Brumm

By Weston Irons Posted March 20, 2013

Tyler Brumm was chosen as Athlete of the Week by coach Ron Espinola for his dominating performance pitching and at the plate, in Lowry’s varsity baseball team wins over White Pine.

“In White Pine, Tyler threw a complete game shutout in game three.” said coach Espinola.

Not only was Brumm’s pitching outstanding but so was his hitting.

“Tyler went six for eight in three games with something like eight or nine RBIs. So he was consistent the whole weekend, and overall had the biggest impact over the three games, defensively as well as pitching and at the plate,” said Espinola.

Lowry’s last game was played Tuesday against Pershing County in which Lowry won 10-0. They continue their regular season in Spring Creek against Dayton, in which Brumm will be pitching once again.