Best and worst summer jobs

Best and worst summer jobs

By Jessie Schirrick  Posted May 30, 2012

Looking to make some extra green this summer? Do you need some money to fund your warm-weather adventures? There are many good (and bad) ways to bring in the cash this season.

If you’re into swimming and being around water, you can be a lifeguard. You can sign up for this at Howard Bode Swimming Pool, or Sage Heights Swimming Pool. Most lifeguard jobs require CPR training or some other kind of Red Cross experience and it probably helps to be on the Lowry swim team.

Lemonade stands are the classic cash cow, but unless you’re a cute six-year-old girl, business might be slow.

Some teens get along by doing yard and farm work, like mowing lawns, taking care of livestock, and planting gardens. So if you’re an agricultural fanatic, this is perfect for you. There are many surrounding ranches and farms but be prepared to get your hands dirty.

You may also get a temporary job at one of Winnemucca’s local businesses, such as a restaurant or grocery store but be sure to obtain a working permit from the Juvenile Detention Office if you’re under the age of 16.

There are many benefits of having a job.

“It’s nice to have your own money and be independent,” said Cortni Welch. “I like tips and meeting new people.”

Alas, there are also some negative aspects of having a job, said Welch, like when customers are rude and not understanding.

If you’re an animal lover, another way to get out and make some money is to walk your neighbors’ pets or take care of them while the family is away; it’s an easy way to pump up your muscles and your bank account.

For people that are great with kids, babysitting is always an excellent choice, and there is no shortage of parents in need of a trustworthy babysitter. You can get a babysitting license after taking a summer class that the local library offers each year.

For those of you whose parents pay for everything your little heart desires, take up smiling and actually enjoying your life.

Overall, have a great summer, Lowry.