Book Review: ‘Legend’

By Aimee Brandon Posted December 9, 2013

“Legend” is another one of those fantastic teen-centered books that pulls you through the tears and trails until the end.

“Legend” is a trilogy by Marie Lu, there is “Legend”, “Prodigy”, and “Champion.” The books take place in what America will someday be. The US is separated into the Republic and the Colonies, which are at war with each other.

 June, a 15-year-old girl, is born into an elite military family, living in one of the wealthiest Republican districts. She has a definite successful future in the Republic Military.

Day, a 15-year-old boy, on the other hand lives in one of the poorest districts, the Lake District. He is one of the Republic’s most wanted criminals.

Day and June of course end up crossing paths when June’s brother, her only living relative, is murdered and it is assumed Day is the murderer. As Day tries to keep what he has left of a family June wants to avenge the death of the family she doesn’t have, causing them to meet. In the process of achieving these goals, Day and June come together finding shocking secrets of the Republic.