Student Reactions to ‘The Brand’

By Taylor LaTray Posted December 10, 2013

An opinion piece isn’t aimed to please its readers; it’s an expression and a belief. “The Brand” does not seek to receive positive feedback. We write what we feel is entertaining or what we feel strongly about, and in some cases we feed you straight facts. So, your interpretation of our articles won’t phase us, positive or not. If you wish to express your opinion, then join the class, because complaining isn’t getting you anywhere.

The Brands’ previous issue featured a new and modified layout, along with four extra pages added to the newspaper compared to previous years. The staff worked hard to produce stories for those extra pages, although as always, you can’t impress and satisfy everyone.

“I thought the newspaper was great, but there were a few things that were a little iffy. I understand some of the best articles aggravate the readers, however, I feel there’s a difference between using a controversial issue to stir things up, and cheap shotting students,” said Maeve Donovan.

In the newspaper world positivity or negativity doesn’t matter. As long as we have gotten some type of reaction from our readers then we are producing a successful newspaper. Disruption is good to a certain extent and if our articles make you think or disagree with what is written, then we have produced reactions. Therefore, we have succeeded.

“ As a newspaper, you’re representing our school, and there’s a certain line that shouldn’t be crossed when going into student life. Controversy is a good thing and you should criticize people, and go deeper into topics people care about, but not into people’s traits and private conversations like students wearing tails. But overall I loved the newspaper, keep up the good work,” said Donovan.

What is written in “The Brand” is categorized. Our news stories are informal, and facts. You can’t argue with facts. Our opinion pieces often cause a stir, but we’re in America, a country full of opinionated people, it’s going to happen. As for the other sections, they’re mainly entertainment, and we mean no harm.

“I thought the last issue was great. I don’t think the tails were controversial and I don’t believe anyone was actually offended. I feel like if an article is debated then The Brand is doing a great job,” said Josh Rose. “I really enjoyed the extra pages as well as the Fake news. As for improvement, there are occasional grammatical errors, but the articles are well informed and written well. I look forward to receiving the newspaper every time.”