Boy’s JV basketball team returns to the court

Boy’s JV basketball team returns to the court

By Ludi Canales

The JV Bucks are ready to go with a new season, a new coach, and a new team.

Coach Danny Westfall has stepped up as the JV basketball coach, after coaching the freshmen boys last season. 

Returning junior varsity player, Txema Bengochea has high hopes for himself and his teammates for the season.

“I hope to have a great season and have more wins than losses as a team,” said Bengochea. “It’s a different group of guys this year, so we’re still learning each other’s play style but I think it will be a good season. My goal for the season is to average 20 points per game.”

Montana Elm’s first year on JV is different compared to his freshman year season with coach Westfall. 

“Our coach is working us way harder than last year and taking our attitudes towards the game and turning them positive rather than negative,” said Elm. “His attitude towards the game of basketball is great and the intensity and dedication to our team means a lot, so I think this season will go just fine.”

Ryder Huitt is also a first-year junior varsity player. He has an intense amount of love for basketball and his teammates. He hopes he and his team can make it far in the long run.

“I get along with my teammates so well since I know them on a different level because of basketball,” said Huitt. “My goals for this year are to work as a team so that next year when it matters we can win a state championship.” 

Roster: Txema Bengochea, Jovanny Cuevas, Brent Kenison, Nigel Green, Ryder Huitt, Montana Elm, Luis Mendoza, Cody Allen, Amador Guzman, Jaidon Crutcher Audie Douglass and Bryce Niblack.