Buckaroos rise for Homecoming 2012

Buckaroos rise for Homecoming 2012

By Weston Irons Posted October 3, 2012

Another fun-filled Homecoming week comes to an end as the varsity football team triumphs over Elko. The week consisted of lunchtime activities, pep assemblies, themed days, and action-packed football games. The themed days included Color War Day, 80’s Day, Lazy Day, Crazy Day, and the school tradition Blue and Gold Day.

Homecoming week started off with a war between each class. Each class was given a color to wear on Monday to compete for who could represent their class the best. Freshmen wore green, sophomores wore yellow, juniors had orange and seniors represented with purple. Color war day was a great turnout, and started the week out successfully.

A pep assembly was held Monday morning. The Grand Marshall was awarded to Mr. Corak for his involvement with the school. Hosted by Leadership, the lunchtime activity on Monday was “Name That Song” where a song was played for a few seconds. People then had to guess what that song was, and the Seniors pulled out the win. The Powder Puff football game was played Monday night in which the Freshmen and Seniors team took on the Sophomores and Juniors. While being cheered on by the male cheerleaders dressed in skirts, the Sophomores and Juniors pull out with the win.

On Tuesday the theme was the 80s so students dressed up as some groovy characters. another lunchtime activity was held in the courtyard put on by Leadership. Five brave students played air instruments to songs that came out in the ’80s to show their rockin’ spirit and to earn class points. All five students that participated played their hearts out. Later in the day, the varsity boys and girls soccer teams traveled to Spring Creek for an away game. Also, in the evening, the JV volleyball team played McDermitt’s varsity at home to win the game.

For the third day of Homecoming, the Seniors gathered at the football field to watch the sunrise at 6 AM. As the sun rises the Seniors look back and enjoy the last year of their high school career. The students also enjoyed donuts and juice. The weather was perfect for watching sunrises that morning. Everyone came to school looking like they have just woken up and ready to kick back and relax for Lazy Day.

The Wednesday lunchtime activity was the singing bee. The freshmen sang their hearts out and got the victory. Later that evening He-man took place in the gym. The Freshmen played the Juniors and the Sophomores played the Seniors. The Juniors and Seniors played for the championship after defeating the Freshmen and Sophomores who played for third place. The Juniors took first, seniors second, freshmen third and sophomores came in last.

Thursday, students dressed in the craziest clothes and had many different strange hairstyles for Crazy Day. Thursday’s activity was the shuffling/dancing competition. Many students took their dance moves to the floor to hopefully win class points for the class and at the same time impress their peers. The first of the trio of football games began on Thursday night when the freshmen played Elko. Unfortunately, the Bucks lost 34-14.

On the final day of homecoming, Friday, everyone dressed up in their blue and gold to showcase their Lowry pride. To end the great week of homecoming, Lowry had its second pep assembly of the week, and by far the greatest. This assembly, however, and quite the dancing flare to it, as every fall sports team had a specific song they had to dance to.

The Football team had to dance to the song “Call Me Maybe,” by Carly Rae Jeppsen, and the Volleyball team had to dance to the song, ”Can’t Touch This” by Mc Hammer. The cheer and dance team danced to the songs, “Lip Gloss” and “Gangnam Style” After all of the dancing was over, the cheer, dance, and football teams were all introduced. After all the introductions, each individual class had a dance-off. The seniors ended up winning the competition due to Ashley Principe and Alex Schirrick’s dancing abilities. To top it all off, the classes found out who was atop the class points list.

The reigning class of the year is still the top dog, as the Juniors are on top, followed by the freshmen, seniors, and sophomores. The lunchtime activity was a rap battle between classes. Although the Freshmen and juniors tried their best, the Seniors prevail to win the activity. After school the JV football team played Elko in the hope to win in front of their home crowd, however, that was not the case as they lost 49-6. Despite the other two teams losing the varsity team came out and rose over Elko 41-7. At halftime of Homecoming, the king and queen were announced. Male candidates were Michael Billingsley, Michal Arenas, and Daniel Pollock. Female candidates were Alex Schirrick, Tessa Kampf, and Whitney Waller. Homecoming 2012 king and queen are Michal Arenas and Whitney Waller.

Homecoming concluded Saturday night with the Homecoming dance.