Career Profile: Alexis Maga-Mattson, science teacher

Career Profile: Alexis Maga-Mattson, science teacher

By Alexis Galarza Posted December 17, 2021

Mrs. Alexis Maga-Mattson is someone students and teachers can always count on her to go the extra mile and always find a way to make school feel a little more like home.

Teaching comes with a variety of ups and downs, one of the worst downs is the paperwork associated with the job.

“The tedious stuff we have to do because the state requires it,” said Mattson. However, with the downs, there is always the good. One of her favorite things about teaching is the kids.

“The kids are my favorite; they’re my passion,” said Mattson. The students have such a prominent place in Mattson’s heart because they’re simply kids, and she loves who they are. They also “keep her young,” said Mattson.

To become a teacher, Mattson went through four years of schooling. Although she did not become a teacher until later in life, Mattson became a teacher in her forties.

Mattson has always had her heart set on being a teacher. “I just knew I always wanted to be a teacher,” said Mattson.

Mattson strives to make a difference in students’ lives because of her personal experiences as a student.

Mrs. Alexis Mattson./ Winnada

“I struggled growing up with reading, and I didn’t want someone else to go through that struggle,” said Mattson.

Before becoming a teacher, Mattson took a unique approach to preparation.

“I had children; that was my preparation,” she said.

Around campus, many students view Mattson as one of their favorite teachers.

“Mrs. Mattson is strongly dedicated to helping her students in the class and out of class,” said Bree Dunckhorst, a student of Mattson. “She cares about her students immensely as well as their personal lives if they choose to talk to her about it.”

Mattson is a great role model to Dunckhorst and many other students around Lowry.