Performer of the Issue: Jaydan Ham

Performer of the Issue: Jaydan Ham

By Hayden Case Posted December 17, 2021

This year’s Performer of the Issue is Jaydan Ham. Ham has been in drama for two years and is now a senior in high school. Ham found interest in drama from a young age and has been acting for many years.

Ham recently took on a more serious view on drama. She became intrigued with the class itself after she had spoken with some of her close friends that pushed her to join the class. Once she joined she fell in love and never went back.
Through her years in drama, Ham has looked up to Jeremy Walker.

“I’ve always looked up to Jeremy Walker, who always pushed me to do my best,” said Ham.

While Ham said Walker pushed her to do her best, Ham is also a motivation to many others; she never hesitates to go one step further.

Drama teacher Kelly Bales finds great promise in Ham.

“She is great at conveying the emotion of the characters, and I’m incredibly happy to have her in Drama,’’ said Bales.

Ham is not only an inspiration to other actors in her class, but also to her audience. Ham has worked hard to get where she is and she has come a long way. One of Ham’s favorite and most recent roles is the role of Brom Bones, who was in the Sleepy Hollow play. This role was not Ham’s first choice but she has bloomed while taking it.

Bales is more than just impressed with Ham’s performance.

This is a great example of how prepared Ham is and how willing she is to do more.