Whatever happened to…long lunch?

Whatever happened to…long lunch?

By Megan Cook Posted December 17, 2021

A long unique tradition to Lowry High School was Friday’s long lunch. Each day of the week except Friday had 30-minute lunches. However, Friday’s lunch was 45 minutes. The school did this by cutting off 5th, 6th, and 7th periods by five minutes.

Many students and staff on campus have mixed feelings towards the disappearance of Friday’s long lunches.

“I wish that we still had long lunch on Fridays because it was nice for the end of the week,” said Jaylie Blatzheim. “Thirty minutes is already not much time, so having a 45-minute lunch at least once a week was

Mr. Clay Sagers agrees with Blatzheim as he enjoyed having more time to relax and enjoy his lunch while Mrs. Kelly Bales disagrees.

“I actually enjoy not having Friday long lunch because I always felt my afternoon classes were much more rushed,” said Bales. “I also had my prep in the afternoon which cut it shorter.”

Despite all of the mixed feelings towards long lunch Fridays, having a longer lunch on Friday gave students and teachers an opportunity to get a couple more minutes to themselves and push through to the end of the day.