Sharon Morfin pursues powerlifting passion

Sharon Morfin pursues powerlifting passion

By Megan Cook Posted December 17, 2021

In April 2021, Sharon Morfin, a senior at Lowry High School, began to take her passion for powerlifting to the next level. Right out of a mock meet held in Elko, Morfin fell in love with competing.

Inspiring others was the main motivating factor that keeps Morfin training extensively.

“I would hope I can inspire someone to push themselves past their limits,” said Morfin.

After the realization of love Morfin had for the sport, she immediately registered for a competition in Scottsdale, Arizona where she placed first and set six new Nevada state records.

In order to achieve successful results, Morfin had to work hard. Morfin and her coach, Breana Sowinski, set up a training schedule, which included going to the gym 4-5 days a week. Before entering a competition Morfin and her coach make sure to leave the “golden amount” of training time, which is anywhere from 8 to 12 weeks. As soon as Morfin enters a competition she begins training extensively to ensure she perfects her squat, bench, and power lift while also making sure she will still qualify for the weight class she is registered in.

Sharon Morfin. /Winnada
Sharon Morfin. /Winnada

When competing, Morfin enrolls in the 69kg (152lbs) weight class for Teen Division 2 and competes in the three main categories: squat, bench, and deadlift. In order to compete efficiently, Morfin must always keep her muscles loose and warm. She does this by continually pacing. In order to get pumped up she listens to rap or hip-hop music. Before stepping on the platform to compete Morfin’s coach gives her a small pep-talk in hopes of accomplishing the perfect lift they worked hard to achieve.

Powerlifting is Morfin’s passion. She views powerlifting not only as her hobby but also as a way of bettering herself by making herself stronger physically and mentally. The hardest thing Morfin had to overcome was being comfortable with failing

“I turned that fear into fuel and pushed myself past my limits,” said Morfin.

Sharon and her story of powerlifting are far from over. Her main goal is to one day compete in collegiate nationals and become an overall national champion.