Christmas cheer has swept over Lowry

By Lacy Villareal Posted January 5, 2009

Note: This article is provided by Mrs. Grady’s Leadership class.

Everyone has gotten into the spirit. Lowry’s leadership class sponsored a food drive. All the food goes to the Winnemucca Ministerial Association. The Leadership class will help make Christmas better for the people of Winnemucca. 

The National Honor Society sold Santa grams. Each year the National Honor Society donates the money from Santa grams to a different organization at the end of the year. This money may not help around Christmas time, but it will help someone at some time. 

The Natural Helpers hosted a toy drive. The toys go to the Winnemucca Ministerial Association, which makes sure local children have something to open on Christmas morning. 

The clubs above are not the only ones that got involved. The senior class sponsored a blood drive. Blood is a gift that anyone could afford. The Spanish Club put on its annual Santa’s Village. The Santa’s Village is an easy and inexpensive way to give your children what they want for Christmas. 

The Spanish Club also collected money for the children of a battered women’s shelter in Ensenada, Mexico. These children weren’t expecting anything for Christmas. With the help of the Spanish Club, they now have something to open. Hispanic Organization threw a Christmas dance. Instead of taking money at the door, they asked that you bring canned food. The Key Club collected hats and gloves to keep the children of Winnemucca warm this winter. 

Esmeralda Aguilar is involved in many clubs here at Lowry. I asked her how helping others makes her feel. 

She responded, “I think that it’s really important to help those in need. If we didn’t help them, who would? Plus, helping others gives me that warm, fuzzy feeling inside.”

Lowry was in the giving spirit this year. We would hope that our good deeds would inspire others to help our community and give to those in need. I hope that everyone has a good holiday and a happy new year.

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